Innovative optical component design

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IPP has developed a complete tool of software for the design of new optical components and instruments able to achieve optical functions that could not be performed using usual components and used for example for medical applications.

Our work focuses on:

  • sub-lambda diffractive optics
  • beam shaping of incoherent light using mutli-face reflector
  • augmented reality system

What is the meaning of sub-lambda diffractive optics?

This concerns diffractive optical elements (DOE) having 4 or more phase levels and a binary thickness profile. A DOE pixel contains several periods of a diffractive grating with a sub-wavelength period. This approach is also known as an effective medium.

We have recently obtained:

  • modeling of effective medium DOE's
  • adaptation of laser ablation lithography for sub-wavelength period DOE manufacturing
  • manufacturing of effective medium DOE's by the photolithography technique
  • coupling rigorous electromagnetic calculation tools such as FDTD and RSM
  • modeling sub-wavelength period gratings with FMM and FDTD tools.
  • the calibration of an effective medium DOE fulfilling both splitter and beam combiner functions for applications related to solar energy.


  • thesis scholarship from the Alsace Region
  • Iraqi government thesis grant
  • Insa-Chinese thesis grant