Multimodal microscopy

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Our team was pioneer in the development of interferometric microscopy.

What is multimodal microscopy?

Scanning interference microscopy is a powerful technique based on far field imaging and interferometry that can be used for extracting information on micro- and nanostructures embedded in complex materials, devices and microsystems. Two topics are covered: 4D microscopy and techniques for complex layer analysis.

4D microscopy (3D+time) enables the 3D measurement in real time of surfaces that evolve over time, such as those found in soft materials, MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and chemical reactions.

The second topic addresses the challenges of using interferometry to measure thick, semi-transparent or translucent layers of materials such as hydroxyapatite (biomaterials), colloids and polymers. These techniques are also useful for characterising nanostructured photonic devices developed in the theme Photonics Modeling and Simulation.


  • 2 Scholarships of the Indonesian government
  • ICube internal call
  • CAM4D Project (SATT Conectus Alsace)


  • Coopération (CNRS)
  • ACO (CNRS) in collaboration with ESPCI ParisTech (Paris)