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IPP directory

Permanent staff:

  • ANSTOTZ Freddy, associate professor
  • BERVILLER Hervé, associate professor
  • CHABROL Grégoire , associate professor (ECAM Strasbourg)
  • CORDIER Christophe, Engineer
  • ENGEL Thierry, associate professor
  • FLURY Manuel, associate professor, HdR
  • FONTAINE Joël, professor
  • GÉRARD Philippe, associate professor, HdR
  • GIOUX Sylvain, professor
  • GORA Michalina, research fellow
  • LECLER Sylvain, associate professor, HdR
  • MONTANER Denis, associate professor
  • MONTGOMERY Paul, research director
  • NAHAS Amir, associate professor
  • SALZENSTEIN Fabien, associate professor
  • TORREGOSSA Murielle, associate professor
  • PFEIFFER Pierre, associate professor, HdR
  • TWARDOWSKI Patrice, associate professor
  • ZORN Lucile, Engineer

Associated researchers

  • KIEFER Renaud, associate professor


  • FOGARASSY Eric, head of research
  • MEYRUEIS Patrick, professor


  • ZULINA Natalia, ATIP Avenir
  • ELCHINGER Amandine, Communication assistante
  • YANG Jianming, WideField Project
  • CLAVEAU Rémy, (ATER)
  • WAXIN Henrique, ERC QuantSURG
  • PERRIN Stéphane, Nano3D Project
  • HALTER Eric, SWAPLaser Project

PhD students:

  • YU Wenhui

PhD director FONTAINE Joël, co-director PFEIFFER Pierre

subject: Absolute distance measurement


PhD director: GIOUX Sylvain

subject: Backscattering imaging system for human skin layer characterization


PhD director: Paul Montgomery et Michel de Mathelin

co-supervisor: Michalina Gora

subject: Development of a novel method using optical coherence tomography (OCT) for guidance of robotized interventional endoscopy

  • AGUENOUNON Enagnon(Fabrice)

PhD director: GIOUX Sylvain, co-director Uhring Wilfried subject: Real-time processing for quantitative optical imaging*

PhD director: PFEIFFER Pierre, Co-director LECLER Sylvain subject: Distributed acoutisc sensor

  • BOUAZIZ Djamila

PhD directors: LECLER Sylvain and DEMAGH Nacer subject: Photonique jet generation at optical fiber tip end

  • BOUDOUKHA Rayenne

PhD directors: MONTGOMERY Paul and DEMAGH Nacer subject: Super-resolved microscopy using photonic jet µ-lenses

  • SEGAUD Silvère

PhD director: Sylvain GIOUX subject: Real-time multispectral quantitative optical imaging for surgical procedure guidance

  • MARBACH Sébastien

PhD director: FLURY Manuel subject: Dynamic local spectroscopy at nanometric scale unsing micro-sphere assisted microscopy

Other PhD projects we are associated


PhD director: B. SERIO Co-supervisor: P. TWARDOWSKI

subject: Spectral and angular control of thermal emission using diffractive elements: applications to thermal management and solar concentration

  • STUPAR Danijela

PhD directors: J. BRENDLE and C. FOND, Co-supervisor: G. CHABROL

subject: Additive manufacturing process as an innovante local resource (regolite) for future lunar construction

Recent PhD defenses:

  • GSTALTER Marion,

PhD director LECLER Sylvain, co-director REHSPRINGER Jean-Luc (IPCMS), company supervisor BAHOUKA Armel

subject: Bi-material welding of glass with glass, metal or semi-conductors using ultra-short pulsed laser

  • GIANTO Gianto

PhD director MONTGOMERY Paul

subject: "Multi-dimensional and multi-modal image processing for improved characterization using white light interferometry"

  • HUSNENI Mukhtar

PhD director MONTGOMERY Paul

subject: "Development of compensated immersion 3D optical profiler based on interferometry"

  • LIU Lihong

PhD director FLURY Manuel

subject: "Beam shaping in the case of incoherent source"

  • YANG Jianming

PhD director FONTAINE Joël, co-director P. GERARD

subject: "Modeling of an optimal system for augmented reality"

  • CLAVEAU Rémy

PhD director MONTGOMERY Paul, co-director FLURY Manuel

subject: "Local spectroscopy by interferometric microscopy: simulation and measurments"

  • LEONG HOI Audrey,

PhD director MONTGOMERY Paul, co-director SERIO Bruno (LEME)

subject: "Etude de techniques de super-résolution pour améliorer la résolution latérale en microscopie interférométrique"

  • HAIRAYE Camille,

PhD director FONTAINE Joel, co-director ENGEL Thierry,

subject: "Texturation de surfaces par faisceau laser femtoseconde"

  • DUO Yi

directeur de thèse COSTIL Sophie (LEMPS), co-directeur : PFEIFFER Pierre, SERIO Bruno

sujet : "Réalisation de matériaux intelligents avec capteurs à fibres optiques"


PhD director FONTAINE Joël, co-director LECLER Sylvain

subject: "photonic jet optimisation out of optical fiber"


PhD director MEYRUEIS Patrick (iCube), co-directors AMBS Pierre (MIPS) and GÉRARD Philippe

subject:"Sub wavelength diffractive optical elements for solar energy and lighting application"

  • NGUYEN Nam,

PhD director HEGGARTY Kévin (Télécom Bretagne), co-director MEYRUEIS Patrick (laboratoire iCube) and GÉRARD Philippe

subject: "Modeling, design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements based on nanostructures operating beyond the scalar paraxial domain"

  • OUNNAS Badreddine

PhD director SAUVIAC Bruno (LT2C St.Etienne), co-director TAKAKURA Yoshitate (ICube-TRIO), IPP associate: LECLER Sylvain

subject: study and optimisation of photonic jets for optical and radiofrequency applications

  • 2014, ZELGOWSKI Julien,

PhD director FOGARASSY Eric

subject: "Integration, caracterisation and optimisation of laser proceedings for sensor miniaturisation for healthcare"

  • 2014, HOSATTE Michael,

PhD director MEYRUEIS Patrick (iCube)

subject: "Nanostructured silicon based metamaterial and its process of fabrication for applications in optoelectronics and energy"

  • 2014, ORTEGA-CLAVERO Valentin,

PhD director MEYRUEIS Patrick (iCube), co-director JAVAHIRALY Nicolas

subject: "Monitoring of different production processes involving contaminating waste using fourier-transform raman spectroscopy"

  • 2014, SULTANA Razia,

PhD director MEYRUEIS Patrick (iCube), co-director CHRIST Andreas (FachHochschule Offenburg)

subject: "System architecture for device independent application for 3D imaging and V.R."

Other former members:

  • SCHMIDT Manon
  • PANIGRAHI Swapnesh, Postdoc EndoSURG Project
  • LEONG HOI Audrey, projet 3DHD
  • PIERRON Robin, Nano3D Project
  • FORRIERE Hisham, SWAPLaser Project