PhD positions

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Postdoc position

  • Biomedical optics

Post-doc in biomedical optics Contact: Sylvain GIOUX [mail[1]]

  • Laser processes for additive manufacturing

Contact : Sylvain Lecler [mail[2]], Thierry Engel

Training periods

  • Integrated Optical sensor in additive manufacturing for application in harsh environment

Contact : Sylvain Lecler [mail[3]], Pierre Pfeiffer [mail[4]], Thierry Engel [mail[5]]

  • Development of a digital holographic system to in-vivo real-time measurement of mechanical properties of biological tissus

Contact : Amir NAHAS [mail[6]] PhD Opportunity

  • 4D microscopy system for real-time measurement of drop evaporations

(PhD opportunity). Contact : Freddy ANSTOTZ [mail[7]]

  • Conception of sandwichs diffractive optical elements for sub-diffraction volumic laser beam shaping

Contact : Philippe GERARD [mail[8]], Sylvain Lecler [mail[9]]

Training periods of our partners

  • Light-efficiency calculation tool for Augmented Reality glasses

Contact : Valter Drazic [mail[10]], Sylvain Lecler [mail[11]], Patrice Twardowski [mail[12]] Description du sujet PhD Opportunity

  • Resultat analysis of surface texturings on several materials - interdependance study of structural/chimical parameters using a Design Of Experiment

Contact : Thierry Engel [mail[13]]

PhD subjects

  • Biomedical optics

PhD in biomedical optics Contact : Sylvain GIOUX *[mail[14]]